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What's New!!

New Releases

Captain Howdy
Serial Killer Minis Series #2
Johnny Zombie-NOTLD
Brain Damage
Papa Corn
Pennywise 2017
Janet Decay
Balok-Star Trek
Blind Man-Don't Breathe
Eva-Ghost Story
Ilsa 2
Sadie-She Kills
Kaylee Williams
Scorpio-Dirty Harry

Coming Soon!

Near Dark

Alfie- She Was So Pretty

Blood Feast

Stranger Things

Upcoming Shows 2018


Mad Monster Charlotte, NC Feb 16-18

Cinema Wasteland, Cleveland, OH Apr 6-8

Motor City Nightmares, Novi, MI Apr 27-29

Texas Frightmare Weekend, Dallas, TX May 4-6

HorrorHound, Indianapolis Aug






Other News

I've just finished writing a Kolchak: The Night Stalker inspired novella called "The Cemetery Ghost". Click on the link below to read it.

The Cemetery Ghost